Commission Information

Bust (Head, or Head/Shoulders) – $20
Full Body – $35
Full Body, plus Background – $45
Simple Sketch** – $5
Line Art Only** – $10
For Additional Characters within the Commission – $10 each

All finished commissions (**excluding ‘Simple Sketches’ and ‘Line Art Only’) will be fully colored. If B&W is preferred, you will receive the finished colored product as well as a copy of the same in B&W, for no extra charge. You will receive the JPEG file upon completion. Each additional character in the commission will cost an additional $10. Basically, if the client would like a second character added to the picture alongside the main ‘character’, it would be an extra charge for time spent.

Commissions are a fixed amount, as posted above. Extra ‘tips’ are always greatly appreciated and loved! All posted currency is indeed in US Dollars.

Methods of payment are PayPal, Money Order, or Visa Pre-paid Card. The Money Order and the Visa Pre-paid Card are to be sent to my mailing address, which I will share with the client as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability!


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