Original Character: Aloucia



Race: Bosmer
Age: 53 (appears early 20’s)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 8th of Mid Year, 2E 529
Birthsign: The Steed
Name Pronunciation: ‘Ah-Loo-Sha,’ or alternatively ‘Ah-Loo-Shee-Ah.’

Aloucia is the embodiment of her untamed culture. Her wild, windblown hair sits just off her shoulders with sporadic braids. The chestnut brown hair, with its tendency to break free of most styling, is complimentary to her dark, olive skin. Her eyes a stark contrast of brilliant silver compared to her almost monochromatic appearance. Her cheeks and jaw structure is angled in such a way to give her a predatory profile, but her wildly expressive features more than make up for it by lighting up her whole face when she smiles (which is often). Her tanned skin helps her blend against the bark of trees, a workable camouflage when joined with her earthly green clothing. She holds her athletic build of five feet, seven inches and muscle with confidence, and weighing at 150 pounds.

Her neck, wrists, forearms and clothing are adorned with the teeth and beaks of animals, either as jewelry or as toggles and clasps. Leather wrappings protect her feet, though her feet are already calloused. Tattoos mar her body with seemingly no symmetrical design. A white wolf pelt, likely a gift, covers her shoulders.

Aloucia is nothing if not wild. While she does not crave attention, she manages to get just that with her boisterous ways. The Bosmer woman is very much ‘up-and-go’. She has adopted a high confidence in herself and her abilities through her years of training, but she doesn’t necessarily understand her own limits. Because of that, she is constantly testing those very limits. The word ‘temerity’ comes into play most often when describing Aloucia. She is impatient, stubborn and curious to a fault. Her curiosity and impatience battle constantly for supremacy, such as with studying. But sitting for hours on end drives her absolutely bonkers when all she wants to do is go and run free. Because of this, knowledge and learning from books was never really her strong suit. In fact, she is functionally illiterate. She’s been able to pick up on simple words and sentences, but with anything lengthy she lacks the ability to read and comprehend it. Her knowledge is derived from the physical; learning daily routines, jobs and skills through physical training.

She believes in the teachings passed down through the generations of Bosmer, especially so of Y’ffre. She holds to the codes laid down by the Green Pact, devoutly. But because she is so ‘up-and-go’, she rarely pauses long enough to pay her respects to Y’ffre. Aloucia scarcely ever kills anything unless its necessary because of the Green Pact. More often than not, during skirmishes, she’ll let someone else take the killing blow. With all that said, Aloucia does not agree with and avoids talking about the Wild Hunt.

She does actually hold the Altmer in high regard for their assistance over the many years almost naively. As for most other races, she thinks them as odd, but certainly not inferior by any means.

2E 529 (8th of Mid Year) – Aloucia is born.
2E 535 – Meets Shayce at age 6, who turns out to be Aloucia’s closest friend and sister figure.
2E 541 – Has her first taste of human flesh at 12, of which she didn’t kill herself, but was shared among closest kin.
2E 548 – Begins learning how to properly use a bow by her Mother. She also receives her signature wolf pelt as a gift from her Mother at this time. She’s 19.
2E 552 – Has her first serious crush at age 23 with a childhood friend. It didn’t last.
2E 553 –
2E 561 – Mother dies of a beast inflicted wound while hunting. Her mother had breached 230 years of age and her health started to decline. Aloucia is distraught and saddened by the loss, turning to her best friend Shayce for guidance. Several months later, there’s a dispute between another Bosmer and Aloucia. She kills her first sentient being. It’s the closest Aloucia has come to being broken, but she recovers. She’s 32-years-old.
2E 580 – Ayrenn is crowned Queen, and Aloucia is glad for it.
2E 582 – After some thought, Aloucia decides to apply her abilities and strengths toward assisting the Aldmeri Dominion cause. Aloucia is the young age of 53.

Recent News

  • Has met Morzan under rather hostile and unfortunate circumstances, and it has her considering new possibilities far beyond anything she’s ever imagined.

Likes: Tattoos, freedom, skilled and strong people in their chosen field
Dislikes: The phrase ‘Hurry up and wait’, entitlement, whiny brats
Habits: Cants her head to the side when she’s curious or confused. Chews on her bottom lip from time to time.

What’s In Her Bag?:
1) Copious amounts of jerky (be that bear, human, horse, or deer)
2) Basic arrows (nothing fancy)
3) Curved Hunting Knife
4) Bone arrow heads
5) Leather straps
6) Old ceramic bowl
7) Grand soul gems

Family: N/A

Allies: Shayce, Morzan Morthiil

Theme Song: ‘Spirit of Life’ by Blackmill
Played By What Famous Person: Lauren Cohan


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