Original Character: Dornan



Race: Breton
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 18th of Morning Star, 2E 556
Birthsign: The Ritual

Dornan more often than not is mistaken for a Nord or Imperial in terms of face and body build. It’s been easy to briefly assume the identity of the aforementioned races considering his above average height for a Breton and athletic, powerfully lean build. Other than a smattering of knife wound scars on his torso, Dornan doesn’t have any distinguishable markings; no tattoos, no war paint, nothing. His stride showcases his confidence and casual demeanor; a long, leisure gait.

His blatant virility continues upward with a strong, sharp jawline and high cheekbones under intense gray eyes. A weeks’ worth of stubble covers Dornan’s jaw around a firmly etched mouth (which often looks stuck halfway between a smile and a smirk), giving him a rugged appeal. Light brown hair frames Dornan’s face, falling to dust the tops of his broad shoulders but he often wears it pulled tightly back in a ponytail.

His plate armor is a point of pride for Dornan. It’s one of the few things he manages to keep around that brings him comfort when missing his homeland. It’s almost always of the Breton style. If he’s dressed ‘down’ or relaxed, it’s typically of fine material and expensive tastes now that he can afford as much in the Ebonheart Pact.

“Does doing this get me something I want? If yes, do it. If no, does doing this let me fight someone? If yes, do it. If no, does doing this get me laid? If yes…”

Dornan is a testiment to just how much life can kick you in the balls mercilessly. His family issues aside, life has not been kind to Dornan like so many other people throughout Nirn. He doesn’t think himself special given what all has happened to him. He’s just another survivor of bad decisions and even worse luck. What is left is an opportunistic, pessimistic, and frankly worn Breton where his primary motivators have become service and acquisition. There isn’t a single philanthropic bone in his body.

Having said that, there is no sense in getting tangled up in unnecessary drama. Dornan is a calm, calculative Breton who uses his all-too-brief past as a businessman to his advantage to live by a few favorites: Gather all the information necessary, or more if it’s an option. Use it in your favor. And keep it simple.

The one trait, perhaps the only thing left, that he prizes is loyalty. But how much does that make him a hypocrite?

2E 556 – Étienne Gagnon was born in the early hours on the 18th of Morning Star.
2E 571 – Begins learning the trades and skills from his family to better profit the merchant business. Outside jobs also include ‘Fixer’ and ‘Fence’, skills that would become useful later in life.
2E 575 – Étienne changes his name to ‘Dornan’ and leaves the safety net of home following a violent dispute with his father in regards to taking over the family business. Or in this case, not. Étienne, now Dornan, doesn’t stray far in favor of keeping a surreptitious eye on his beloved sister.
2E 576 – Dornan discovers that his sister was the one who instigated the explosive argument, falsifying information of skimming profits to drive Dornan away and a wedge between the family, so that she could take over. Dornan spends the next two years working hard to acquire a large sum of coin through various means, some of which are less than honest.
2E 578 – Late in the year, during a particularly hard time in the family business, Dornan buys the business using his charm, compiled coin, lies of forgiveness and promises of a better future. Once the papers are in his position, he sells pieces of the business to other hungry buyers in retaliation, leaving his family financially broken and without means to repair the damage.
2E 579 – With coin in his pockets and, with debt collectors and angry family closing in behind him, he leaves for Riften in Skyrim, far outside their reach. He finds lucrative jobs cutting down the influx of Daedra between the two cities, honing his abilities as a decent sell-sword.
2E 582 – The Alliance War breaks out. And Dornan finds himself fighting for the Ebonheart Pact.

Recent News

  • Pledged his loyalty to two organizations that couldn’t be more different. One being The Red Scales led by a cunning Argonian named ‘Turns-His-Head,’ promising Dornan a flow of coin for services. The other, a side project for Dornan, called The Dawn Shield; a group of men and women under the Ebonheart Pact banner who track down and kill Daedra.
  • Has agreed to become Ray’Shin’s ‘mate’ though Dornan is still unclear as to what all that entails. Fear for his life and his woman has kept him from discussing this with members of the Dawn Shield because of what she is.
  • After a job went terribly wrong, leaving Dornan broken and near death, Morg’grush sought to save his life. By turning Dornan into a Werewolf. Shock and outrage sidled up along side bitter torment of having been stripped of his pride and physical pain. He’s still undecided if he’ll keep the changes for the benefits considering the many downsides to such an issue.

Likes: Beauty, women, alchemy, and coin
Dislikes: Blatant promiscuity, careless behavior, lying
Habits: Works his jaw and grinds his teeth when he’s irritated or contemplative.

What’s In His Bag?:
1) Various Health, Magick, and Stamina potions he created himself
2) Various plants and mushrooms used in Alchemy
3) Hunting Knife
4) Coin
5) Soul Gems

Family: “None”

Allies: Ray’Shin

Theme Song: ‘Short Change Hero’ by The Heavy
Played By What Famous Person:


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